What is the Very Integral Part (VIP) of NoleCoin?

We at Nole/Nolex/Nolelegends thought of a way to recognize and felicitate our early adopters and supporters by creating a platform that is the Very Integral Part (VIP) of NoleCoin. The members of this club are great supporters and believers in our project NOLE They help us in making decisions and are a big part of the NoleCoin community.

Entrance fee: 3000 TRX - a onetime fee for all benefits!

The current benefits of the VIP Club include:

How to join the VIP club?

To become a VIP, you only have to:

  1. Send 3000 TRX to TPVkcFYTEi9Dia45AveiTcaYoaU9ux7xC7
  2. Share TxID with @chevkev on Telegram
  3. We will invite you to the VIP club and you will receive your welcome Goodie bag!

As simple as that!

we are looking forward to welcome you to the VIP club! Become a core supporter of the NOLE project and enjoy all the benefits from today!